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what's going through my
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mind? craziness. hospital trauma, a man shoots a doctor at john hopkins then turns the gun on his mother and himself. >> this is just hard to believe. >> reporter: tonight the investigation, new information on the gunman and exclusive reaction from one man who watched in horror. >> hello i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> a man opens fire at john hopkins hospital then barricades himself in a room. we've been following the story since it broke at noon and we've been staying with it live. kai jackson reports on the response, the shooter and the doctor. while jessica cartalia has reaction from a witness. we begin with deric valcourt. >> reporter: the shooters brother is telling wjz news that his mother had rheumatoid
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arthritis and several complications. when the doctor was explaining that her latest surgery did not go well and she may not walk again, the shooter snapped. >> they just locked everything down. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team in gear rushed to the scene where dr. david cohen had just delivered news to a patients son who became so distraught with the news that he shot the doctor. >> last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who's confined to the bed. >> reporter: the injured doctor was rushed into surgery with a gunshot to the abdomen while police evacuated the eighth floor and scrambled to subdue the suspect. >> it is possible he's barricaded in a room. >> reporter: as s.w.a.t.
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teams secured the eighth floor of the building police tried to make contact with perta. but they soon realized that he had shot his mother in the head and turned the gun on himself. the investigation now focuses on perta. police say he did have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in virginia. john hopkins officials say their emergency plan worked well and they promised a security review but say searching every visitor that comes into the doctor is ununreasonable. >> it's difficult to secure any enterprise with all of those door ways and that manner. >> reporter: that doctor is in stable condition. he is expected to recover, we are also told that the investigation is going to be ongoing for a little while here. meanwhile things are returning to normal at john hopkins where
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we are live. derek valcourt. our live continuing coverage continues with kai jackson who has reaction from bistandards. >> reporter: john hopkins is experienced in managing crisis, generally however those problems don't start within the walls of hopkins. chaos and confusion on the sprawling john hopkins campus in east baltimore. a shooting thursday morning at the prestigious medical institution disrupted operations. >> i work at the hospital, we got a message around 11:00 that we had to go in our officer, shut and lock the door, stay away from windows. >> actually i was about to leave. as i was leaving they told us get back. and they secured us in the lobby for about half an hour. >> reporter: thousands work at john hopkins. news from police that a
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distraught man shot and killed his ailing mother, shot and wounded a doctor and shot and killed himself was disruptive. >> when do you think you're going to call it a day? >> right now. >> we're going back home. >> i don't think they're going to get everything done soon, and i'll just reschedule. >> reporter: everyone john hopkins is not immune from the violence that sees and heals on a daily basis. >> it's just scary and sad. and i just don't know what to think. >> reporter: hopkins security officials say they sent out a campus wide alert immediately after the shooting. they say it was lessons learned following the tragedy in virginia tech. denise-- >> kai thank you very much. pat warren has more on reaction
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from the people who knew the suspect. >> reporter: no one could have guessed at this shocking outcome. 45-year-old dr. david cohen lives in this quiet residential area with his wife and two children. paul warren lived in arlington virginia where neighbors said he cared for his 84-year-old mother in this small home. >> he was a wonderful son as far as i could see. he was always there for her. >> reporter: dr. cohen is described as always there for his patient. the spinal doctor described as thorough and methodical. partis' brother said that -- a neighbor says killing wasn't in him. >> he was a gentle soul. >> reporter: by nighttime there were notes on the door of dr.
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cohen's home. neighbors say it's hard to believe that something like this could happen especially so close to home. >> i was totally shocked. innocent doctor going in and totally being shot. luckily he was not killed. but the man that shot him must have had some deep seeded problems even before, revenge. >> reporter: here and in virginia the reactions are of disbelief. >> this is so hard to believe. >> i feel sorry for dr. cohen and his family and the whole hopkins hospital. >> reporter: and again by all indications, dr.cohen is making a good recovery. back to you. >> pat, thank you very much. our partner at the baltimore sun spoke to dr. cohen's family and they said, he liked to do magic tricks, calling him the magic man.
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our complete coverage continues with jessica cartalia who spoke to a man who was just feet away when the doctor was shot. >> reporter: just after 11:00 this morning this witness was meeting with a doctor, then this. >> i was up on the eighth floor and i hear a bang. and then i saw a either nurse or a resident female come running around the corner saying, he shot the doctor. he shot the doctor. so i went down, probably about 10 yards and made a left and there the doctor was on the floor in the hall way. >> reporter: the witness who asked that we not use his name said they searched frantically for a gurney. >> there were probably six or seven of us there. and they all -- we all picked him up and put him on. they were all around him and i was kind of outside the loop. the nurse manager came around
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and she put one cart and i put another cart, we put it in front of door that he said that the suspect was in -- the room. >> reporter: was the doctor aware of what was happening at the time? >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: he was conscious? >> yes, there was very little blood, that i saw. it was basically his left chest area. maybe a little bit lower. >> reporter: the witness tells wjz they knew the gunman was just feet away. >> they said you either stay or you're going to go. and i said i'll go. i got on the elevator and went down to the lobby where police were going up. >> reporter: the staff made it out safely. >> it's a crazy world out there. you have to take every day at a time and thank god for what you have. >> reporter: this witness says he expects security to increase
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significantly. jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. >> partis has a handgun permit from his home state of virginia. hospital security says they plan to review their security policies. we are told 50-year-old paul partis shot a doctor then killed his 84-year-old mother and himself inside hopkins hospital. his brother believes partis thought his mother was suffering after they recently learned she would likely never walk again. partis was distraught over his mother's health. the doctor is expected to survive. stay with wjz for the latest on the john hopkins shooting. go to pointing fingers -- >> and you blame teddy for the failure. >> exactly. >> health care, his issue. >> exactly, it was his fault. jimmy carter lays it all
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out on the table and lashes out against teddy kennedy. it's a hit season of a show that everybody is talking about. incumbent city state's attorney jessamy's campaign lost more ground today on the way of votes but her legal team now wants answers from elections officials. that story straight ahead. sunny, dry pleasant weather on tap for the weekend. i'll have your complete weather forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today,
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it is 67 degrees and cloudy in maryland right now. an early morning collision between an ambulance and an suv leaves three people dead. authorities say the suv was traveling at a high rate of speed on the wrong side of the road. all three men inside the suv died at the scene, the two paramedics suffered minor injuries. a disturbing crime in baltimore county as three people are arrested for holding a woman captive for more than a year. king and smith bay are facing several charges. thement subpoenas held the woman against her will and took
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her social security checks -- the men held the woman against her will. jessamy's attorney wants answers on how the absentee ballots were counted. bernstein leads jessamy. >> reporter: her legal team now wants the state administrator to provide detailed numbers for each machine. jessamy is not satisfied that votes were properly counted. >> we've had tight races in the past, we've also had races in the past where according to
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machine count, we may not get 100%. we definitely don't get it the night of elections. >> seems kind of certain that mr. bernstein is going to maintain his lead. i plan on trying to meet with him next week. we need to have his legislative agenda. >> reporter: there are still 665 provisional ballots to be counted. warren brown tells wjz he doesn't see how jessamy can catch up. >> i think it's really a manifestation of her her egothat she doesn't come out and do what 99% of people would do in her position and say gracefully, i lost. >> i think the board of elections did a great job in getting these results so quickly. as far as her concession is concerned, that is something
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that is up to her. >> reporter: one of ms. jessamy's lawyers says he has no intentions to file a lawsuit at this point. reporting from the board of elections, mike hellgren, wjz news. also from the maryland state board of elections tonight, tuesday's primary appears to have had the lowest voter turn out on record. the unofficial polling place turn out is about 21.6% on election day. 2.4 of voters cast ballots in early voting. stay with wjz with the latest on campaign 2010. we are always on it for tuesday's results and what's coming up in november go to in a 60 minutes interview, carter claims health care crisis stems from the san francisco senator over 30 years
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ago. >> we would have health care now had it not been for kennedy blocking legislation i had. >> kennedy had a competing health care plan while carter was president. he also challenged him for the democratic nomination in 1980. you can see the full interview with former president jimmy carter sunday at 7:00. the restraining order against former raven and current cbs football analyst shannon sharp has been dropped. the petition was dismissed on the woman's request. after a brief hiatus he will resume his role. the teams are using a giant slingshot to try to hit
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targets. now watch closely as the slingshot backfires and a contestant hit in the face with a watermelon. she was attended to by an on- site doctor and allowed to continue in the competition. the amazing race premiers september 26. >> i have the worse headache. >> with a watermelon. >> she says she has the worse headache. i bet that headache lasts for a week. >> ain't that a kick in the head. everyone though we had a low in the rain, didn't see a whole lot. there's a batch of storms moving in. down to haguertown heavy gusty showers with that. even further south and west from berkeley west virginia, hancock down into west virginia. that's also moving off to the east. in the city we have a chance by
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about midnight, a little after getting more shower and perhaps thundershower activity across the region. temperature wise we've been dropping since the rain. take a look at the current readings -- can we? thank you. 67, 67, 70, 59 in oakland and 77. 83 it never rained up there. the storm, the front that caused a lot of activity in new york, new jersey moving across new england is dragging this storm now through our region. 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning still some showers. after that things clear out. pleasant, nice weather moving in. another weak front coming in sunday. but a dry front, more nice temperatures and nice conditions. now let's go right to the tropics, igor still a category three. winds of 127 moving off to the northwest at about nine to 10 miles per hour.
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it looks like it's going to go right over bermuda by sunday evening. very, very dangerous storm. it may be a category two by the then by still extremely dangerous. all the spaghetti have him right over bermuda. julia will not bother any land masses. but karl has strengthened to a category two moving into central and southern mexico. that's going to cause major issues out there. for us, northwest wind, tonight then shower, maybe a thundershower but before its all set and done, clearing. back to 80 degrees. the next five days, great weather for the weekend. 80, 82. a lot of sunshine friday through tuesday. the ravens strike fear into their next opponent. their next opponent. >> mark has more on what the
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on any given sunday and this sunday is given. >> on the road to ohio. the ravens play at cincinnati. linebacker jared johnson did not work out today. he's dealing with a back injury. the ravens coming off a winning season opener. carson palmer knows the ravens very well. >> the main thing is matching their tough physical play and if there's one thing we can do as an offensive front is that, match it. it's a tenacious d that comes after you. we have a number of big physical guys up front that can match that and we expect to do that sunday. >> palmer and the bengals looked pretty bad in their opener.
11:26 pm
the ravens have been saying they need to dethrone the bengals to win that danger. and cincinnati has a pretty good football game going on. a little bit of hot potato on this toss. a tip, a lip tip, little tip, a catch and a fumble. white sox paul konerko, high and tight. the ball hits konerko in the face. luckily more of a glancing blow. konerko can a bloody nose. he convinced the trainer to let him keep playing. he gets back on the plate. it's a long ball. it's 7-5 at they play in the
11:27 pm
9th inning. the orioles have the night off. the yankees are in town tomorrow. the yankees are in a pennant race and the orioles are playing very good baseball. >> knock them out. >> three games with the yankees over the weekend. >> should be fun to see, really. amazing feats. >> the guiness book of world records round up this year's winners, that's up next. (music playing) ,,,,,,
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